Daily Word NT

June 8, 2018

2 Peter 3:7  1 John 1:4

7 But the aheavens and the earth 1now, by the 2same bword, have been cstored up for 3dfire, being ekept unto the fday of 4judgment and 5gdestruction of 6hungodly men.

8 But do not let this one thing 1escape you, beloved, that with the Lord 2one day is like a thousand years and a athousand years like one day.

9 The Lord 1does not adelay regarding the bpromise, as 2some count 3cdelay, but is 4dlong-suffering toward you, not intending that any 5eperish but that 6fall advance to 7grepentance.

10 But the 1aday of the Lord will 2come as a bthief, in 3which the 4cheavens will pass away with a 5roar, and the 6elements, burning with intense heat, will be 7ddissolved, and the eearth and the 8works in it will be 7burned up.

11 Since 1all these things 2are to be thus dissolved, what kind of persons ought you to be 3in aholy manner of life and bgodliness,

12 1aExpecting and hastening the 2coming of the 3day of God, on account of 4which the heavens, being on bfire, will be dissolved, and the elements, burning with intense heat, are to be melted away?

13 But according to His 1apromise we are expecting 2bnew heavens and a new earth, in which 3righteousness 4dwells.

14 Therefore, abeloved, since you expect these things, be diligent to be 1bfound by Him in cpeace 2without spot and dwithout blemish;

15 And 1count the 2along-suffering of our Lord to be 3bsalvation, even as 4also our beloved brother cPaul, according to the dwisdom given to him, wrote to you,

16 As also in 1all his letters, speaking in them concerning 2these things, in which some things are ahard to understand, which the unlearned and bunstable 3twist, as also the 2rest of the cScriptures, to their own 4destruction.

17 You therefore, beloved, since you know these things beforehand, 1be on your guard lest being 2carried away by the error of the 3lawless, you 4afall from your own bsteadfastness.

18 But 1agrow in the 2grace and 3bknowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 4To Him be the cglory both now and unto the day of eternity. Amen.


1 1That which was 2from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have aseen with our beyes, which we 3beheld and our hands 4chandled, concerning the 5Word of 6life

2 (And the 1alife was 2bmanifested, and we have seen and ctestify and report to you 3the deternal life, which was 4ewith the 5Father and was 6manifested to us);

3 That which we have 1seen and heard we report 2also to you that you 2also may have 3afellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the 4Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.

4 And these things we write that 1our 2ajoy may be made full.