Daily Word NT

June 17, 2018

Revelation 1:14  Revelation 2:11

14 And His head and 1ahair were as white as 2bwhite wool, as 2snow; and His 3ceyes were like a flame of 4dfire;

15 And His 1afeet were like shining 1bronze, as having been 2fired in a furnace; and His voice was like the 3bsound of many waters.

16 And He had in His right hand aseven 1stars; and out of His 2bmouth proceeded a 2sharp two-edged csword; and His 3dface shone as the sun shines in its power.

17 And when I saw Him, I afell at His feet as dead; and He bplaced His right hand on me, saying, cDo not fear; I am the 1dFirst and the Last

18 And the 1aliving One; and I became bdead, and behold, I am aliving forever and ever; and I have the ckeys of 2death and of Hades.

19 aWrite therefore the things which you have seen and the things which are and the things which are about to take place bafter these things.

20 The 1mystery of the aseven stars which you saw upon My right hand and the bseven golden lampstands: The seven stars are the 2messengers of the cseven churches, and the seven dlampstands are the seven churches.



1 1To the messenger of the church in 2aEphesus write: These things says 3He who 4holds the bseven stars in His right hand, He who 4walks in the cmidst of the dseven golden lampstands:

2 I aknow your bworks and your labor and your cendurance and that you cannot bear evil men; and you have dtried those who call themselves eapostles and are not, and have found them to be false;

3 And you have endurance and have borne all things because of My aname and have not grown weary.

4 But I have one thing aagainst you, that you have left your 1first 2blove.

5 aRemember therefore where you have fallen from and brepent and do the first works; but if not, I am ccoming to you and will 1remove your lampstand out of its place, unless you repent.

6 But this you have, that you hate the works of the 1aNicolaitans, which I also bhate.

7 He who has an 1aear, let him hear what the 2bSpirit says to the 3churches. To him who 4covercomes, to him I will give to 5deat of the 6etree of life, which is in the 7fParadise of God.

8 And to the messenger of the church in 1Smyrna write: These things says the 2aFirst and the Last, who became bdead and 3lived again:

9 I know your 1atribulation and 2bpoverty (but you are 2rich) and the 3cslander from those who call themselves dJews and are 4not, but are a 5esynagogue of 6fSatan.

10 Do not afear the things that you are about to bsuffer. Behold, the 1cdevil is about to cast some of you into dprison that you may be etried, and you will have ftribulation for 2gten days. Be hfaithful iunto death, and I will give you the 3jcrown of life.

11 He who has an aear, let him hear what the bSpirit says to the churches. He who 1covercomes shall by no means be hurt of the 2dsecond death.