October 5, 2018

Posted on October 5, 2018

October 5, 2018

Exodus 9:25  Exodus 10:6

25 And the hail struck everything that was in the field, both man and beast, throughout all the land of Egypt; and the hail struck all the vegetation of the field and shattered every tree of the field.

26 Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail.

27 And Pharaoh sent a messenger and called for Moses and Aaron; and he said to them, I have sinned this time; Jehovah is the righteous One, and I and my people are in the wrong.

28 Entreat Jehovah, for there has been enough of God’s thunder and hail; and I will let you go, and you shall stay no longer.

29 And Moses said to him, As soon as I have gone out of the city, I will spread out my hands to Jehovah; the thunder will cease, and there will not be any more hail, that you may know that the earth is Jehovah’s.

30 But as for you and your servants, I know that you do not yet fear Jehovah God.

31 (Now the flax and the barley were ruined, for the barley was in the ear, and the flax was in bud.

32 But the wheat and the spelt were not ruined, for they had not come up.)

33 And Moses went out of the city from Pharaoh and spread out his hands to Jehovah; and the thunder and hail ceased, and the rain no longer poured down on the earth.

34 But when Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the thunder had ceased, he sinned again and hardened his heart, he and his servants.

35 So Pharaoh’s heart hardened, and he did not let the children of Israel go, just as Jehovah had spoken through Moses.


1 Then Jehovah said to Moses, Go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants that I may show these signs of Mine in the midst of them,

2 And that you may recount in the hearing of your son and your grandson how I made a mockery of Egypt and My signs which I have done among them, that you may know that I am Jehovah.

3 And Moses and Aaron came to Pharaoh and said to him, Thus says Jehovah, the God of the Hebrews, How long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Let My people go that they may serve Me.

4 For if you refuse to let My people go, then tomorrow I am going to bring swarming locusts into your territory,

5 And they will cover the surface of the land, so that no one will be able to see the land; and they will eat the rest of what has escaped – what is left to you from the hail – and will eat up every tree of yours that is sprouting in the field.

6 And your houses will be filled with them, as well as the houses of all your servants and the houses of all the Egyptians; something that neither your fathers nor your fathers’ fathers have seen since the day that they came upon the earth until this day. Then he turned and went out from Pharaoh.

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