Daily Word OT

June 30, 2019

JUDGES 20:36-21:6
20:36 And the children of Benjamin saw that they were stricken down. Now the men of Israel had given ground to Benjamin, for they trusted in the ambush that they had set against Gibeah.
20:37 And the ambush hurried and rushed against Gibeah; and the ambush proceeded and struck the whole city with the edge of the sword.
20:38 And the appointed sign between the men of Israel and the ambush was that they would make a great cloud of smoke rise up from the city,
20:39 And then the men of Israel would turn into the battle. So Benjamin had begun to strike, killing about thirty men among the men of Israel; for they said, They are certainly stricken down before us as in the first battle.
20:40 But when the cloud began to go up from the city like a pillar of smoke, the Benjaminites looked behind them, and there was the whole city, going up in smoke to heaven.
20:41 And the men of Israel turned; and the men of Benjamin were dismayed, for they saw that disaster was very near to them.
20:42 Then they turned before the men of Israel into the way of the wilderness; but the battle overtook them, and those from the cities struck them down in between.
20:43 They surrounded the Benjaminites, chased them, and trampled them at the resting place, as far as over against Gibeah toward the rising of the sun.
20:44 And eighteen thousand men of Benjamin fell; all of these were men of valor.
20:45 And they turned and fled into the wilderness to the rock of Rimmon, but the men of Israel gleaned five thousand of them in the highways; and they pursued after them as far as Gidom and struck two thousand of them.
20:46 So all who fell of Benjamin on that day were twenty-five thousand men who drew the sword; all of these were men of valor.
20:47 But six hundred men turned and fled into the wilderness to the rock of Rimmon, and they dwelt at the rock of Rimmon four months.
20:48 And the men of Israel returned to the children of Benjamin and struck them with the edge of the sword, both the entire city with the cattle and all that was found there; moreover all the cities that were found they set on fire.

21:1 Now the men of Israel swore in Mizpah, saying, None of us shall give his daughter to a Benjaminite as a wife.
21:2 And the people came to Bethel and sat there before God until evening, and they lifted up their voice and wept greatly.
21:3 And they said, Why, O Jehovah God of Israel, has this happened in Israel, that there is one tribe missing in Israel today?
21:4 And in the morning the people rose early and built an altar there, and they offered burnt offerings and peace offerings.
21:5 And the children of Israel said, Who did not come up into the congregation to Jehovah from all the tribes of Israel? For they had made a great oath concerning anyone who did not come up to Jehovah at Mizpah, saying, He shall surely be put to death.
21:6 And the children of Israel were grieved concerning Benjamin their brother, and they said, Today a tribe has been cut down from Israel.