Christians began meeting as the church in Tampa in 1972. The church in Tampa isn’t our name – it’s our description. As such, it’s an inclusive title, not an exclusive one. The Bible gives a clear and simple word concerning the matter of the church. It has no confusion. If you read the book of Acts, the beginning of all the Epistles or the first chapter of Revelation, you can see what the Bible calls the churches. The churches are identified according to the names of cities. We gather together simply as believers of the Lord in this city, and we receive all brothers and sisters who believe in Jesus Christ.

Our Meetings

We believe that all Christians in Tampa are part of the church in Tampa, and we extend an open invitation to all visitors. In all of our gatherings, we enjoy reading the Bible, praying, and singing, and our focus is always on Christ and His Word.

To facilitate this, we have several types of meetings throughout the week:

Lord’s Day Meeting

The Lord Jesus instituted this meeting Himself about 2000 years ago.  During this meeting we partake of the bread and the cup that remind us of the price Jesus paid for the believers to be able to come back to God and enjoy Him as their life and everything. We enjoy the Lord’s table by worshipping and remembering the Lord through corporate prayer and fellowship.

We then practice mutual encouragement and building up through speaking Christ to one another based on 1 Corinthians 14, where every member of the Body of Christ is encouraged to share their portion of Christ for the building up of the Church.

Home Meetings

Throughout the week, we also have home group meetings of between ten and thirty people. These groups meet together in different homes or on Zoom to enjoy God’s Word and to practice meeting together “day by day and house to house” based on Acts 2:46-47.

Prayer Meeting

The prayer meeting of the church is one of the most important meetings believers can participate in. Every Tuesday evening, we have a prayer meeting in mutuality where each member of His Body can function to pray for the Lord’s interests both locally and throughout the earth.

Bible Studies

Throughout the week, groups of believers regularly gather to study the Word of God. Bible studies vary on topical studies or cover different books of the Bible depending on the interests or needs of the group.

College Meeting

College students meet weekly on campus and in homes around the Tampa Bay area to sing, enjoy and fellowship over God’s Word.

If you are interested in learning more or attending any of our meetings please contact us.