Week of May 26, 2024



Lord’s Day   12:20 p.m.    Love feast and service groups’ fellowship and coordination

Tuesday        7:30 p.m.     Corporate prayer meetings at the hall and on Zoom

Lord’s Day   10:00 a.m.    Lord’s table and prophesying meeting

Lord’s Day   12:30 p.m.    Hall cleaning by saints with last names beginning with D – J



Memorial Day Blending Conference – watch at    May 24 – 27

HWMR: Laboring on the All-Inclusive Christ, Vol. 2, Week 9          May 27 – Jun. 2

Read Life-Study of John, Messages 28 & 29                                             May 27 – Jun. 2

Read The All-Inclusive Christ, Chapter 9                                                May 27 – Jun. 2

July Semiannual Video Training, Tampa, $130 each                            July 4 – 21

Florida College Conference, Tampa                                                         Nov. 11 – 13

Thanksgiving Blending Conference, Atlanta                                        Nov. 28 – Dec. 1



        “We all need to have a proper concept of the meetings. We do not come to the meeting to “worship”; we come to the meeting to enjoy. When we enjoy God together, God is satisfied. When we read the Old Testament, in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy we do see numerous instances where God told the Israelites that their center of worship was to be Mount Zion in Jerusalem. They could not set up another center in another place. However, we cannot find a verse that tells the Israelites how they should worship or to bow themselves before God. The Bible does not give us a record of how one should worship God.



        For years I have been closely watching what others have been doing. Within the last fifteen years the Lord has done many works apart from us…the Lord has moved on tremendously all over the world. In South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines the same things are happening. I have lived in the United States for twenty-three years. I have often traveled from place to place. This is the real situation everywhere. The young people in the West, especially the university students, are very receptive to the gospel now. They want the truth. Everywhere the Lord is moving quickly. I have studied very much to find the reason for this. All these places that are increasing at a phenomenal rate have one thing in common: they are all practicing the home meetings.

            When we began our work in Taiwan, the number reached such a peak because we practiced the home meetings. Later, we dropped the home meetings. For this reason, the Lord’s move among us in the past twenty years has been comparatively slow. Throughout the years the saints have developed a habit of listening to messages….Last year when I came back, I made a turn. But this does not mean that I am abandoning the big meetings. I have said before that the big meetings and the home meetings are like two wings. Praise the Lord, on the whole the brothers and sisters responded quite well. But forgive me for saying that the Chinese disposition is very deliberate. In everything they wait and watch. That being the case, I could only hold back my words. But tonight, I am taking the opportunity to express to you some of my frustration. I called this urgent meeting because I want all of you to see the way that the Lord is taking and to respond to it.”  (Key Points on the Home Meetings, CWWL, 1985, vol. 4, pp. 427, 456)