September 23, 2018

Posted on September 23, 2018

September 23, 2018

Genesis 50:14  Exodus 1:16

14 And after he had buried his father, Joseph returned into Egypt, he and his brothers and all who went up with him to bury his father.

15 And when Joseph’s brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, What if Joseph bears a grudge against us and pays us back in full for all the evil which we did to him?

16 And they sent a message to Joseph, saying, Your father charged before he died, saying,

17 Thus shall you say to Joseph, Please forgive the transgression of your brothers and their sin, for they did you wrong. So now please forgive the transgression of the servants of the God of your father. And Joseph wept when they spoke to him.

18 And his brothers also went and fell down before him and said, We are here as your servants.

19 And Joseph said to them, Do not be afraid, for am I in the place of God?

20 Even though you intended evil against me, God intended it for good, to do as it is this day, to preserve alive a numerous people.

21 Now therefore do not be afraid; I will sustain you and your little ones. And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them.

22 And Joseph dwelt in Egypt, he and his father’s household; and Joseph lived one hundred ten years.

23 And Joseph saw Ephraim’s children of the third generation; the children of Machir the son of Manasseh were also born on Joseph’s knees.

24 And Joseph said to his brothers, I am about to die, but God will surely visit you and bring you up out of this land to the land which He swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.

25 And Joseph made the children of Israel swear, saying, God will surely visit you, and you shall bring my bones up from here.

26 And Joseph died, being one hundred ten years old; and they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt.



1 Now these are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob; each man came with his household:

2 Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah,

3 Issachar, Zebulun, and Benjamin,

4 Dan and Naphtali, Gad and Asher.

5 And all the persons who came forth from the loins of Jacob were seventy persons, but Joseph was already in Egypt.

6 And Joseph died, and all his brothers, and all that generation.

7 But the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly and multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, and the land was filled with them.

8 And a new king rose up over Egypt, who did not know of Joseph.

9 And he said to his people, The people of the children of Israel are now more numerous and stronger than we.

10 Come, let us deal wisely with them, lest they multiply and, when some war occurs, they also join themselves to those who hate us and fight against us and go up from the land.

11 So they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens. And they built storage cities for Pharaoh, Pithom and Raamses.

12 But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread out so that they came to dread the children of Israel.

13 And the Egyptians made the children of Israel serve with harshness,

14 And they made their lives bitter with hard labor in mortar and in brick and in all kinds of labor in the field; all their labor with which they made them serve was with harshness.

15 And the king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives, one whose name was Shiphrah and the other whose name was Puah;

16 And he said, When you act as midwives for the Hebrew women and see them on the birthstool, if it is a son, then you shall put him to death; but if it is a daughter, then she shall live.

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