Daily Word OT

June 4, 2019

Judges 5:13-31

5:13 Then a remnant of the nobles went down; / The people of Jehovah went down with me against the mighty:
5:14 From Ephraim, those who took root in Amalek; / Following you, Benjamin, with your peoples; / From Machir commanders came down, / And from Zebulun those who wielded the staff of him who marshals.
5:15 And the princes in Issachar were with Deborah; / And Issachar was true to Barak; / Into the valley they were sent behind him. / Among the divisions of Reuben / There were great resolutions in heart.
5:16 Why did you sit among the sheepfolds / Listening to the pipings for the flocks? / In the divisions of Reuben / There were great searchings of heart.
5:17 Gilead stayed across the Jordan. / And as for Dan, why did he remain with the ships? / Asher sat at the shore of the sea / And stayed at his landings.
5:18 Zebulun was a people that despised their own lives even unto death; / And Naphtali, on the heights of the field.
5:19 The kings came; they fought. / At that time the kings of Canaan fought / In Taanach by the waters of Megiddo; / They took no gain of silver.
5:20 From heaven the stars fought; / From their courses they fought with Sisera.
5:21 The river Kishon swept them away, / The ancient river, the river Kishon. / March on, O my soul, with strength!
5:22 At that time the horse hooves stamped / With the prancing, the prancing of their mighty steeds.
5:23 Curse Meroz, says the Angel of Jehovah; / Bitterly curse its inhabitants. / For they did not come to the aid of Jehovah, / To the aid of Jehovah against the mighty.
5:24 Blessed among women shall Jael be, / The wife of Heber the Kenite; / Blessed among the women in the tent shall she be.
5:25 He asked for water; she gave him milk. / In a bowl for nobles she presented him with cream.
5:26 She put her hand to the tent peg, / And her right hand to the workman’s hammer; / Then she struck Sisera; she smashed his head; / Indeed she shattered and pierced his temples.
5:27 At her feet he bowed; he fell; he lay down. / At her feet he bowed; he fell. / Where he bowed, there he fell, destroyed.
5:28 Through the window one looks forth and cries shrilly; / The mother of Sisera, through the lattice: / Why is his chariot so long in coming? / Why do the tracks of his chariots delay?
5:29 The wisest of her ladies answer her, / And she herself returns an answer to herself:
5:30 Have they not found and divided the spoil? / A girl, two girls, to each mighty man. / The spoil of dyed garments to Sisera, / The spoil of embroidered, dyed garments; / A dyed embroidery, two embroideries, / For the neck of the spoiler.
5:31 May all Your enemies so perish, O Jehovah. / But may those who love Him be like the sun / When it rises in its might.
And the land had rest forty years.